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Jamie Hershman - Artist Statement 

As a practicing artist I really enjoy incorporating emotions with physical objects in order to create something special and different. One of my biggest focuses is on the connection between our inner selves and what I like to call our “outer shells”; our physical selves. I try to ask myself questions that make me begin to visualize what our inner selves would look like if they exposed themselves… Would they look like a mess of organs and flesh? Or would it be a mixture of textures, shapes, and bold colors? This is something I am always asking myself when I’m experiencing the sensation of inspiration or the experience of self-doubt. Does the inner self change as our emotions change, or does it stay visually the same? I try to incorporate these questions of texture, color and movement into every piece I create. My works tend to also include bold colors, textures, and a mess of movement and patterns to create whatever my inner self is seeing in the mirror that day. Through my work I hope for viewers to experience a feeling or sensation that makes them question themselves. I want someone to leave asking themselves what they just looked at and why is it making them feel this type of way. My art is all about experience, I want you to go through the process of experience the same way I did while making the piece.

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